Get Behind the Wheel Annie

Ten things can happen
while Annie is driving the bus
to make us fall in love with Annie,
her unlikely heroism,
and the process
of internalizing her story
as our own.
	1.	Annie gets control, despite the speed.
	2.	Annie realizes that this is all in her mind and it’s just someone else telling her she has to go fast. 
	        She doesn’t have to go fast. Kaboom.
	3.	Kaboom.
	4.	Annie will check her phone to see if she has any new emails.
	5.	Annie will ask Jack what he does.
	6.	Annie will ask Jack what neighborhood he lives in.
	7.	Annie will say she’s a lesbian and that Jack was really presuming a lot.
	8.	Annie will freak out and say she just needs to go home, because this is too much to handle, 
	        and she really just has so many things to do tonight, and she’s really fallen behind on her to do list 
	        and she just doesn’t have time to deal with this right now.
	9.	Kaboom.
	10.	Annie will tell Jack about her artesian cheese truck she drives to concerts and flea markets, 
	        but it’s been struggling since she lost her drivers license.

—Dustin Luke Nelson

[Editor’s Note: This poem is part of a series called “Speed.” All of the poems from “Speed” were written while watching
the film Speed on an airplane.]