In Cantabria, [in] El Castillo, we find hand stencils that are formed by blowing paint against the hands pressed against the wall of a cave," 
explained Dr Alistair Pike from Bristol University, UK, and the lead author on a scholarly paper published in the journal Science.
We find one of these to date older than 37,300 years on 'The Panel of Hands'. BBC News, June 15, 2012

Leather palms flat against stone, fingers stretched until 

muscles taut, your subject wearies as you spit into bowl 

mouthfuls of dirt and lard and mix your palette by torchlight. 

Through a Hollow bone you blow color onto canvas, 

into the grooves between his fingers, over his hand 

reaching upward, resting against the cool stone overhead. 

After, crude pigment stains your fur, the hand of your subject, 

and bone. While others huddle over fires, dine, sleep, you lie 

on your back and watch waves of light pour over your panel of hands, 

Shimmering, applauding.

—Phillip E. Mitchell