Note to self found after the atomic age had passed

In your hooker shoes
I smile
there some road 
is diverging
with all its muscles
such people power
you know
is meant for other

green belt
lavender push soil
my mock and ovary
not now
Celeste, this calendar
no day mark
number caught-
more net if you
know the good in
against the odds-
let me borrow
such road map

has drug of city
written on the last page
call Kathy
explain boredom
noxious gas from subway grid
the collective intelligence
of geo-planners
in company jackets
explore the plant root
to the bonfire
of the new dawn,
yes, there is great talk
of change rumbling from below.

Pussy foot I                   Then day hooked
                                      its light into strange room
                                      the detail is in the novice
                                      who knows nothing

no mark in progress    
yes civil discourse
is covered by a credit card.

I moved to a foreign country
so I could learn how to better express
say the word love
without all of the usual irony

                                      Petty market front
                                      when aids hit it had no choice
                                      of who could handle it, only-
I save myself
from the last gift
of time

Take a ride when wind
sets down low
and offers refuge
to the highest bidder.

That seed where the city is born

—James Diaz